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Admuda Vendor
for each 30 Day(s) with 30 Day(s) free trial
Admuda Vendor
for each 30 Day(s) with 30 Day(s) free trial

Store visits are the total amount of unique store visitors you’re allowed to have for that month. At the end of each month, your store visitor count is reset. If your store exceeds the allocated amount, your store will become unavailable for visitors. However, you can upgrade to a new package at anytime within your stores dashboard and it will reset and increase your visitor count.

The Refund policy (“Policy”) outlined in this tab is the refund policy that applies to store vendors who have created an online store on admuda.com (“Admuda”, “we”, “us” or “our”) and is as follows:

   Store vendors have a one (1) month free-trial to use our online store service. Please note that once the free trial has ended and a store vendor has purchased a store vendor package provided by Admuda, the store vendor is not eligible for a refund.

No merchant account from the bank required!

Admuda transfers your funds to your bank account at the end of every week.

The Refund policy (“Policy”) outlined in this tab is a general refund policy that applies to all items that are sold within the online stores of vendors who have created an online store on admuda.com (“Admuda”) and is as follows:


You’re eligible for a full money back guarantee, if the item purchased has it’s original tags.


   Please note that store vendors are not required to abide by the refund policy highlighted in bold above. Refunds are subject to the refund policies of individual store vendors, please view the “Refund Policy” tab on the product page of the item you purchased on the store vendors website to ensure you’re eligible for a refund of your purchase.

Each store created will have their very own listing on Admuda, these listings enable customers to view information about your store and what it sell. A basic listing will appear as a normal listing in our “Retail Store” listing section. A Premium Listing will appear at the top of a customers search results, this advantage gives your store the opportunity to reach more customers. 

Retailers who have not subscribed to our Pro Admudian package can upgrade their AD Listing to a Pro Listing within their AD Listing Dashboard.

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